Mitsui High-tec

Motor Lamination Tooling:

A series of technological innovations have made Mitsui High-tec a leader in the stamping die industry. Manufacturers worldwide use our dies to stamp rotors and stators for electric motors; components for automobiles, appliances, and communications gear; leadframes for ICs; and transfer molds. The lamination dies that Mitsui High-tec makes have allowed for major advances in the motor core industry and have contributed greatly to reducing the cost of motor cores.

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Our engineers developed the Mitsui Automatic Core assembly (MAC) system in 1975 to streamline production of stator and rotor cores for our own motors. It was so successful that we started marketing the system itself in 1978, generating an enthusiastic response from electrical equipment makers worldwide.

MAC System

The MAC System is in contrast to conventional rotor fabrication whereby several laminations must be individually stamped and then stacked, measured, skewed, die cast, lathed, broached, press fitted with a shaft and finished, all in separate processes. Utilization of the MAC system typically reduces the labor needed in rotor fabrication by 35-40% and completely automates stator production. At the same time, the MAC system facilitates production of much smaller motor parts than previously possible using conventional stamping.

Punch & Die

We produce high-quality tooling parts and customized tooling equipment, all developed by our research team. In our mission to engender ever-greater levels of customer satisfaction, we have also increased production speed and reduced costs by implementing a 24-hour, nonstop-automated production process.