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Motor Core Stamping

Mitsui High-tec provides high quality and low cost motor core products with complete global service from die design, fabrication and stamping manufacturing.

Global Network

Our global network supplies motor core stamping in Japan and in overseas production facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Dongguan, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This guarantees customers a supply of motor cores of the right quantity at the right time in the right place.


Dual Stamping Technology

Japanese patent 2955804, 2887428, USA patent 5539974

What is Dual Stamping Technology?

One of the crucial elements for performance of stepping motor is the gap (clearance) between stator and rotor. To improve the performance the gap between stator and rotor must be carefully narrowed. Ordinarily two separate materials are prepared for each rotor and stator and rotor is stamped larger than the diameter of the inside of stator (in red) and ground to create an ideal gap in between.

At Mitsui, Dual Stamping Technology makes it possible to produce the rotor and stator from the same material saving the inside portion (shown in red) that had usually been thrown away. The blue spots of stator in the figure above are coined and streched to create the ideal gap. It may sounds simple but require precision techniques.

Advantages of DST

  • Use less materials
  • Not only cost efficient but dual stamping technology is also a smart choice for preserving resources.

Improve productivity

With dual stamping technology single press is needed whereas conventional stamping use 2 presses for each rotor and stator. Productivity will double by DST.

Cost reduction alternatives

It is possible to save material cost and increase productivity by changing parts configuration.

Sectioned Stators

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